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Soy Products | LifeCycles Good Food Directory

Soy Products

Resources that create, sell or use locally produced soy products are welcome to link their contact information to this category. It is also the location to research producers of gluten and alternative protein products in general.
Non-mapped Resources
Green Cuisine Inc. Growing Circle Food Co-operative


Food Miles Rating:Importing this commodity has a medium-high impact on the environment, the economy, and health. It is imported an average distance of 3317 km from 53 states and countries

For every kilogram of this product that you get locally rather than importing you will have the following impact:

You will save 785.03 g ( 78.5 percent of its weight) in green house gas emmisions
You will save 9.81 g of Nitrogen Oxides
You will save 1.21 g of Particulate Matter
You will save 2.84 g of Volatile Organic Compounds
You will save 0.7 g of Sulfur Oxides

By bying locally, you will be generating an extra $1.69 of local economic activity due to the local multiplier effect. You will also be saving the global economy $0.47 due to reduced accidents, noise, pollution, infastructure degradation, and impacts from climate change.

Other Impacts
The transportation of food has many other impacts that are not easily measured. They include decreases in social capital, a winnowing of genetic diversity, adverse health effects, and a tragic worsening of animal welfare. You can read more about these effects by clicking here

Going local? Make your change count. Log your food miles impacts.

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