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Welcome to the Good Food Directory!

Welcome to the the Vancouver Island Good Food directory. The purpose of this website is two fold. The first is the help people on Vancouver Island connect with local farmers, producers, and prossesors of local food. The second purpose of this website is to educate people about the distance supermarket food travels and the environmental and economic impact these imported foods have along their travels. To get started, make a selection below on how you would like to browse this directory.

Why Buy Local?

Taste, freshness, nutrition, supporting local growers, environmental health--there are many reasons to buy local! Some of the less-obvious reasons to buy local include reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, helping to stregnthen the local and global economy, and to improve everyone's health. When browing different products you'll notice a section that describes the average distance this food travels and highlights the impacts you will have on the environment and the economy by buying local. If you find yourself interested in this type of information you can do custom calculations and keep track of your personal impacts by clicking Calculate Food Miles on the lefthand menu.

If you are interested in learning how we built this directory and some of the models that were used in determining our statistics, you can check out our Food Miles Tutorial

Do you operate a small farm or business that provides local food? You can add yourself to the directory. If you have any questions or comments regarding the directory, or need your listing updated, please email

Dairy Products

The islands are a rich source of a broad variety of dairy products. Smaller producers can list their product(s) in specific categories such as Cheese or Goat Milk. Commercial dairies may produce many more products than those listed in our directory.


Click the links provided to view listings of local beverage producers and processors. Resources include micro-breweries and vineyards, as well as non-alcoholic drink processors.


Many varieties of poultry eggs are available on the islands. Listings can include farming practices used in raising the poultry such as free-range or organic.

Fresh Produce

This directory attempts to list as many resources as possible, from the commercial supplier to small producers who sell a few items at markets or by special order. Farmers' Markets are linked to this page.

Fruits and Berries

The islands are rich in seasonal fruits and berries. Since imported fruit tends to come from very far-away locations such as New Zealand and South America, purchasing locally when in season helps greatly reduce global production of CO2 and other air pollutants contributing to climate change.

Grains and Bread

Included are local producers of grains, those who process grain into flour and flour into bread and pastries, and resources who incorporate locally-grown produce in their baked goods. Locations where these goods are sold are also listed.


A thriving bee community is a vital part of a healthy growing environment. Fortunately, while pollinating our plants and trees, bees also provide us with tasty honey. There are many island resources who keep bees and harvest honey for our consumption.


Just as our climate is ideal for growing produce, so do our island habitats support a thriving livestock agriculture. Check here to find the diverse range of locally farmed meat products available.


While often categorized with fruits, nuts are provided their own category in this directory for clarity. To further confuse the issue, we have chosen to categorize filberts under the other name they commonly are referred to in Canada - the hazelnut.

Prepared Meals

This category serves to represent the products restaurants and caterers create out of the variety of items grown or processed on the islands. Several restaurants now recognize the benefit of supporting local farmers and using ingredients in season when menu planning.


Here you will find all things harvested naturally from the sea. Wild fish, shellfish and sea vegetables such as kelp are harvested around Vancouver Island and processed for local consumption.

Soy Products

Resources that create, sell or use locally produced soy products are welcome to link their contact information to this category. It is also the location to research producers of gluten and alternative protein products in general.


All candy makers listed in this directory create their products locally and some utilize local products as ingredients. This supports our goal of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by preventing or diminishing the requirement to ship candy products to the island from distant locations.


Craft vinegars are created from scratch at local breweries and vineyards. Other products listed include vinegars infused with locally grown herbs, and fresh local produce pickled in vinegars.